ISTE: Blog Post #1

ISTE. The acronym here stands for International Society for Technology in Education. The ISTE holds the belief that in the new ever expanding world of technology it is time for teachers to take their place in the drivers seat as technologically enthused educators. Incorporating technology into a lesson is more than having a student write a paper on a laptop or Chromebook. It is more than having a class where each student has an iPad.

The ISTE teaches educators at all levels how to change the game and how to have pedagogically sound instruction that has technology as a complementary part of the classroom.

For example, ISTE standard 1. for teachers is to “Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity” (Teacher Standards). Students are not to use technology for more than Instagram and funny cat pictures. They are to create and inspire with new tools, such as EdPuzzle or itself. Teacher’s can help by facilitating the experimentation and intellectual integration that students must undergo in order to truly understand the gift of technology done right in a classroom.

Microsoft has a hand in ISTE. And as Bill Gates once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” It is time for educators to lead.


ISTE YouTube Channel              ISTE Twitter


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