Joshua Copple, Educator at Large


I have always desired to learn. And when I learn I feel the most happy when I share my learning with others. As a result of this feeling deep inside my heart I am here in this teaching program at UCI for my MAT. I want to give others in the world the opportunity to better themselves and to achieve greater things in their life with education that they may have been barred from without it. If my desire to learn and to share knowledge and excitement to grow intellectually with others can help spark a students desires and dreams then I am all for it. That is why I work to make my classrooms as helpful, collaborative, and engaging as possible. If improvements can be made then I make them, whether the suggestion comes from a colleague or a student. In education, I feel we are all on the same team. There is no competitiveness between those of us who have chosen to learn unless it is a competition between us and our past selves. Always growing, changing, and learning. That is my desire as an educator.


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