Blog Post #3

Personal Choice Write-Up


The following blog will offer many different resources and material that has worked to make me a better teacher. The sources will all be provided in hyperlinks following each line of text. There are resources for computer skills, historical knowledge, and being a responsible adult. All together these items create a strong base of knowledge and potential for any 21st century learner in relation to tech and our future of personalizing learning for all students.

Feedly Blogs

1. Hack Education: The History of the Future of Education Site

  • The history of “personalized learning” is offered here. With emphasis on the 21st century transformation of the field of education. Source
  • Trends in the Ed-Tech Research are accounted for including the adoption of “Common Core Standards”, “for-profit education”, and “activism via social media”. Source

( image)

2. TED Education Videos

  • How to practice effectively…for just about anything – Annie Bosler and Don Greene” is one of the educational videos shown here. The videos on this source are not focused purely on teaching content areas but more the skills needed to succeed academically. But their are shared with many visuals, info-graphs, music, and in an artistic manner. Video
  • Who were the Vestal Virgins, and what was their job? – Peta Greenfield” is a video on TED Ed that gives a historical lesson on a religious group in the Roman Empire. The videos here show teaching material in an interesting manner and use technology to better translate the information to our 21st century students. Video
  • Though I focused on the videos the TED Ed site also has lessons worth Site


Twitter Account

3. Google For Education Twitter

  • The Tweet below shows a helpful way to create a more collaborative classroom by using the GSuite tool. Google for Education’s twitter account offers nonstop practical ways to create a personalized experience using tech in classrooms today. GSuite is just one such option.

  • The Tweet below offers a course to be taken by any school students that will teach them digital citizenship and how to be responsible on the Internet. Safety is not taught enough today with relation to a generation raised with media and technology. Google is offering ways to remedy that situation starting in our classrooms with material that students will actually want to engage in and also oodles of extra resources to help them along. Creating not just better academic students but better people.

Thank you so much for reading my blog about the different sources of learning that have informed my teaching as a history educator. For an infographic that combines the ideas of this blog please click the link below and have a wonderful day!

21st Century Learners Infographic



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