Blog Post #4

The biggest takeaway for me came from my work with the EdCafe group I was blessed to be apart of.


  1. In America where much of the focus in our culture can be on self and individuality it is time to promote a more global outlook on life. Helping our students become Global Learners would be of an astounding benefit to the student as it would allow them to truly understand how important education is and how they can impact the world for better. As the growing generations become more global in their thinking the problems of the world would be more better attended too with a wider net of coverage from across the globe. We do not learn for learning’s sake. We learn so that we may improve our lives and those of the people we care about. It is time to extend the people we care about academically and intellectually to those living around the world. 

  2. For a more in depth look at Global Learning and its integration into the classroom please take a look at our research slides via the following Global Learning and Collaboration Presentation

(Citation for the featured image Image Source)

Additional Points from my takeaway

  • Students within global learning will begin to see the world problems and how to fix them with what they are learning in school. Learning will be given a context for which to envelop. Source: Edutopia
  • Pen Pals, Massive Open Online Courses, and international collaboration will help students gain a healthier understanding of other cultures from outside of America and also from the other way around as well. Source: UNICEF
  • Dr. Michele L. Haiken’s Three Steps to Global Connections are to Connect, Explore, and Create.  Source: Haikan’s Blog

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